Green house of Kawatsura Strawberry Farm

All you can eat in the green house

  • You can eat as much as you want without time limitation. Some eat over 100 pieces, yet be careful as eating excessive strawberries will cause frequent toilet.

The field

  • The strawberry saplings are planted on the higher level of ground, commonly called the "bed". It is approximately one foot higher than the walking path. The width measures one and a half feet. The ground is muddy and therefore please have caution when walking in the field. Also, high heels should not be worn.

The Picking

  • It's quite easy. Please refer to the picture above. You just take the strawberry and pull the berry from the stem lightly, and the berry is come from the stem. If you pull the strawberry with direct force, it will come with the plant of the strawberry. The plant of the strawberry is so sensitive.

The Choosing

  • You are looking for a red strawberry. It will be red from top to bottom. There will be dozens of strawberries on each plant; size is not a major role in picking a strawberry. The more red the berry, the sweeter and delicious it will be. In most cases, it is the small dark red strawberry that is better than the large one.