Green house of Kawatsura Strawberry Farm

Season of strawberry picking

  • We usually open our strawberry farm between Mid. December and Early May.


  • Weekday : 10AM - 4:00PM (we close earlier when all riped strawberry are eaten for the day.)
    Weekend and Holiday : We open 9:20AM basically, and we close as soon as red strawberry are gone for the day. Please understand our rule.

Price list from 2024 Jan -

  • Period Adult
    (over 7 years)
    (4-6 years)
    (under 3 years)
    Jan. 5 - end of Feb 2,100 yen 1,600 yen 500 yen
    Mar. 1 -Mar. 22 1,900 yen 1,400 yen 500 yen
    Mar. 23 - Apr. 7 1,700 yen 1,200 yen 500 yen
    Apr. 8- Mid May 1,300 yen 900 yen 300 yen

    We sell strawberry milk for 20 yen per small container.

Specification of our strawberries

  •   Really delicious
    All of 5-7 variety of strawberry have different flavor and sweetness. Please compare as much as you can. You will find the fine taste of these berries. And you will be master of strawberries for sure! We believe you don't need sugar and milk for additional sweetness for the berries. 
      Pollination with honey bees
    You will find a lot of honey bees flying in the fields. Why don't you watch carefully what they do on the flower.
      Exterminate bugs with natural enemy
    We are trying not to use pestiside for killing bags aggressively. It costs us a lot of money for it. But the result is getting better. Most of customer eat strawberries without washing, so we would like keep challenging the method.
      Took long time to be red
    You will find small and big size of strawberries in the field. Please compare of these. Most important thing is "more red is sweeter".

Notification about Strawberry Picking

  • 1. 40 min for time limitation. please communicate more on this at the farm.
    2. All you can eat strawberries in the green houses, but please do not bring them outside. If you like to bring, we sell strawberry box for souvenirs at our strawberry shop.
    3. Please do not step over the strawberry bed in the green houses. And also please do not step on the strawberry plants.
    4. Please do not run in the strawberry field.
    5. The grounds are muddy and therefore please have caution when walking in the field. Also, high heels should not be worn.
    6. Please touch strawberry softly, because the fruits of strawberry are really delicate.
    7. We have wooden bee box in the green house for pollination, so please do not touch these boxes. And please do not over-react in front of bees, or they will attack you.