Green house of Kawatsura Strawberry Farm

Flower Picking (only 10 yen per flower)

  • After strawberry picking, why don't you enjoy flower picking as spring amusement. It is really good news that you can enjoy yourself picking flowers only 1 hour away from Downtown Tokyo. Only you cut the bulb of flower at the root, the bulbs open in few days. It is really beautiful. 10 - 20 flower makes beutiful bouquet.

About Island Poppy Flower

  • Scientificname = Papaver nubicaule L.
    Origin = South Europe
    Usage = flowerbed, cut flowers
    coldhardiness, annualgrass
    Height = 60-80cm
    Suitable temperature for budbreak = 20 degree Celcius
    Florallanguage of Island Poppy = acceptance, healing

Video clip on Youtube (Jan. 10, 2010)