Green house of Kawatsura Strawberry Farm

General Information

  • This natural and fascinating aspect of our produce industry can bwhere we are in Japane one of the best ways to enjoy this upcoming winter and spring season. Strawberry picking is amusing to most of the people and one of the best strawberry-producing farms is located in the prefecture of Chiba; in a city named Sammu.

    There are 20 strawberry farms in Sammu city that are members of the Strawberry Association. Each individual farm holds its own policy in producing the best strawberries in the world; while having the same high spirits. Each strawberry is individually cared for with affection so that each will have the highest standard and thus, making the visitors happy.

    Where we are in Chiba. The city of Sammu is located in Eastern Chiba pref. facing the Pacific Ocean. The population is approximately 59,000 (year 2008) and is referred to as "native land" by the novelist Sachiyo Itoh. He is best known for his work entitled "Nogiku no haka", meaning tomb of the wild chrysanthemum.

    Our website was created in February 2001 to inform the general public of our extensive activity. Specficially, the English written pages are to provide general information to those living outside of Japan and to visitors. Strawberry picking is an extraordinary and wonderful experience but few people know much about it. This website is our opportunity to cross language barriers and provide a web-based community to interact via our weblog and e-mail servies; so feel free to browse and search around but remember always to have fun!


  • The seasonal period for strawberry picking is from January 5th to May 10th annually, yet we sell strawberries before Christmas time. In Japan, we celebrate Christmas with strawberry cakes and sushi, just as Americans celebrate it with turkey and ham. Perhaps we do this because strawberries have the same color as Santa Claus or just because strawberries are a favorite among all generations especially the children.

Green house

  • The strawberries are grown within green houses. The temperature is stabilized at 20 degrees Celsius (approximately 68 degrees Fahrenheit). This will cause people to sweat inside and glasses to fog up - but a necessary factor in providing a "spring-like" atmosphere.


  • We are extremely cautious regarding agricultural chemicals and insecticides, especially because strawberries are being eaten up directly after being picked from the plant. Another reason that we shy away from chemicals and non-natural additives is our worker bees would be exposed adversely. We utilize the bees for crossbreeding to make the food safe. In addition, while growing delicious strawberries, we are quite concerned about safety.


  • Within Sammu city, there are various kinds of strawberries. They are regulated by the customer's preference and growing trends, each ultimately decided upon by the farm's owner. The Kawatsura Strawberry Farm raises 5-7 different kinds in one season. Each type will have its own specific peak for taste and quality. Many people have begun to choose their favorite strawberries. Please come and visit and find your taste.