Green house of Kawatsura Strawberry Farm

We introduce Large Green Houses

  • One of our answer of the great service to our customers is to introduce large green houses. We started to introduce this large size green houses since 2004. We now have 8 for strawberry picking, two for to-go strawberries for sale. This open and high green house gives you relax and comfort moment for your strawberry picking.

Introduced High Bed System (Dec. 2008)

  • We intoroduced the high bed system in 2 small green houses in late 2008. This system is good design for customer who has injured leg and woman who is in a matanity period so on. You don't have to sit down while you pick the strawberries. We don't have enough system for many customers, but we would like to open this system to many customers as much as we can.

We sell fresh strawberries for to-go at strawberry shop and green house

  • We sell fresh strawberries most of time with limited numbers of packages. The pricing changes in the period of the season. No fixed rate. We choose the best kind of the day. We would like to serve your favorite variety, but sometimes we can't comply with your ask. We will do our utmost to meet your expectations. The shop is located 400 away from green houses. It sstands roadside of the Route 126. We also sell fresh strawberry at guest house in the same area of green houses. In addition, we will stop selling fresh strawberries around Early April due to soft body.This wooden shop, we use the timbers from this tree area. We call this wood "Japanese cedar in Sammu area". We are trying to protect the tredutional forest industry in this area.

Wooden and Clean flush lavatory

  • One of our pride for custmer service, we built the wooden and clean flush toilet. Many customers had wishing to have clean toilet at strawberry farm for a long time. And this is our answer for our customers. This wooden toilet, we use the timbers from this tree area. We call this wood "Japanese cedar in Sammu area". We are trying to protect the tredutional forest industry in this area.

Introduced personal Locker ( Jan. 2011)

  • We introduced locker for customers. Please use this for your bags and jackets. In our strawberry association, it is prohibited to bring your own bags to strawberry green houses. But please bring your important items such as wallet and personal IDs all the time.

We expand the parking lot space in the year of 2005 and 2014

  • Our paking lot space is for up to 30 cars. And also enough size for big wagon car and bus.

We built green house for to-go fresh strawberry

  • Late 2004, we introduced green house for to-go strawberry. We reflect costomer's demand to sell the flesh strawberry all the time in the period of strawberry picking period. We sometimes open this green houses during peak season for strawberry picking. It is not so far, within 10 minutes walk from main picking houses area.

We offer bed for changing diapers.

  • We prepare the bed for small kids for changing diapers. Some customers wanted this space for our service. Before we have this space, most of our customers changed the diapers in the car. Note: Please bring the old diapers home. Thank you for your cooperation.